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Things happening that are good for my ego ;)

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Nov 30 2015

Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 1, 2015) I will be featured in “Photography and the Art of Facilitation“. It’s a virtual, online event in which I get to talk about two of my favorite things – Agile and Photography – via one of my professional areas of expertise, facilitation.

On Sunday, December 6, 2015 I leave for Spant! in The Netherlands. On Tuesday, 12/8, I’ll be delivering a keynote at the Continuous Delivery Conference. My topic is “Continuous Delivery requires Continuous Communication“.

Coming up next year I’ll be at a number of conferences and conventions in both the Agile and Photography worlds. I’ll also be teaching more classes in Austin, including my well-received class on creating composites in Photoshop. Here’s a recent example.Amanda at the Prison

For those of my readers who are not uncomfortable with some nudity (“appropriate” nudity – no genitalia and no nipples showing on women), I’ve been busy this year with a passion project called the Austin Bodies Project. It’s primarily focused on celebrating fitness and the human body. It’s had an excellent response, including at the exhibit I had at the Gallery at the Ground Floor Theatre. If you are so inclined, can scroll back to August to see images of the exhibit.

In January, I’ll be volunteering at the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) annual convention called ImagingUSA in Atlanta. At the same time, I’ll get to learn from some top professionals, see the outstanding images that received merits* during this year (including mine), and hang out with some of my photographer friends.

In between all of this, I continue to work as an Agile Coach and Trainer, and as a photographer. I’ve got some weddings coming up, more work on the Austin Bodies Project, completing my application to be a PPA Certified Professional Photographer, and of course there are the holidays.

A Little Story About Personal Branding

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Dec 13 2014

[Originally posted on Facebook]

A little story about personal branding.

I’m attending the Better Software Conference/Agile Development Conference in Orlando, Florida as a speaker. I did a tutorial on Monday on my philosophy of “It’s All About Me!™” and a short session on the subtlety of language on Wednesday.

After my session on Wednesday, I attended a session that a friend of mine delivered on personal branding. First, I’d never seen her present and wanted to. Second, I thought I might learn something new.

After her session, I wandered into the exhibit area (a.k.a. the break area). I picked up a lovely little snack and a cup of hot chocolate, and moved to a standup table and introduced myself to the fellow there. He introduced himself – he’s from the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) – and said “Oh! We know all about you at the CBC!”.

I’ve never been to the CBC, never worked with anyone from the CBC, don’t know anyone at the CBC, as far as I know. It seems that their internal agile coach has attended one of my conference sessions somewhere, and when he returned he talked about it (okay, maybe he raved about it). If it’s the session I think it is, I give out some cards that are used for a role play simulation about facilitation.

Later, I ran into my friend Jennifer, who’d done the session on personal branding. She said “I saw you in the session and I thought ‘What is he doing here? He has done an amazing job of personal branding. Get out of here, Doc!'”

This stuff surprises me. I mean, I know I’ve worked at it, and established “Doc List” as a brand and a persona. It still surprises me.

When my team gave me the nickname in 2007, I freely admit that I set out to make it my brand.

Apparently it has worked.

Presenting Facilitation Patterns at SDC2010 in Sweden

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Jan 27 2010

This one has me psyched – my first time presenting at a European conference, and more validation through interest in my work facilitation patterns and antipatterns.

ThoughtWorks India helping to put on the first RubyConf India 20-21 March

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Jan 25 2010

I’m really proud of our team in India.

ThoughtWorks India is taking the lead in making the first ever RubyConf India happen on Mar 20th and 21st in Bangalore. RubyConf India is being organised by the Ruby community in India and actively supported by Ruby Central. It will feature keynote addresses and talks by Chad Fowler, Ola Bini and other key figures in the Ruby community like (*cough*) Roy Singham. 🙂

This is a big deal for the Ruby community in India, and for ThoughtWorks.

270X185_supporting (1).jpg

More new graphics, and Agile2009

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Aug 07 2009

Yes, I’ve added more new graphics, courtesy of Mike Ferrin.

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned that these characters will make their “live” debut when I present my session on Facilitation Patterns and Antipatterns at Agile2009. I’ve developed a workshop around these ideas, and I think it will be a lot of fun.

New graphics for facilitation patterns

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Aug 02 2009

I’m delighted to share with you that I’ve added some very cool graphics to this blog.

I’m working with a couple of artists to help me develop some training materials for ThoughtWorks Studios. I’ve had one of them develop avatars for a number of the facilitation patterns and antipatterns that I’ve identified.

doc_big_avatarAnd for me.

The avatars will find their way into a workshop that I’m developing for delivery at the Agile2009 conference.

All of the artwork will find its way into the training materials, one way or another.

For the workshop, I’m develop playing cards.  My avatars and all of these characters were developed by Mike Ferrin. Here’s a sample:

Common Back

Take a look at some of the facilitation patterns and antipatterns in this blog, and you’ll meet more of the characters:

And here’s an example of one of the pieces that is part of one of our courses:

DOC sample

This piece was done by Brian Goff.

Note that all of this artwork is the property of my employer, ThoughtWorks, and all rights to use are reserved.

Agile2009 Conference in Chicago, August 2009

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Jan 21 2009

I thought I’d just mention that I’m a stage producer for the New to Agile Stage at the Agile2009 conference. C’mon and submit a proposal to speak!

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