Travel Tales: (Over)Optimizing my Travel

Posted by Doc
Sep 15 2017

More of me being amused by me. It’s not hard to find things to laugh at.

When working with this client in Atlanta I am required to stay at the hotel across the street and use their negotiated rate. I have no problem with that, now that I have discovered a Walgreen’s, a Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, and a few other places in comfortable walking distance.

I come here for one week per month, arriving on Sunday evening and leaving at the end of the work day on Friday. I like the nice steady rhythm and I admit I like it that the folks who work at the hotel (Wingate by Wyndham) greet me by name. 

So here it is Friday morning. I travel with carry-on only. I only have to walk down the street, cross the street, and walk through the parking lot. 

I find myself debating with myself (which means that no one wins or loses the debate, of course). Should I leave my bags (suitcase, CPAP bag) at the hotel or drag them across the street to the office? If I leave them at the hotel I’ll just have to walk back over when it’s time to go. The upside is that they have a shuttle which can drive me to the MARTA station. The downside is that I have that extra time walking across the street and getting their shuttle (it has not yet been any kind of a problem). If I take them with me I’ll have to find someone to drive me to the MARTA station. And shlep them to the office.

Yes I really have this debate with myself EVERY TIME. In the larger scheme of things I don’t believe it really matters. And yet I still think about it every time.

When I stop laughing at myself I wonder at the source of this. What is this mental dilemma a symptom of? How many other people do the same kinds of things? How does it relate – if at all – to the coaching and consulting work that I do.

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