It’s All About Me!™ in Orlando

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Nov 13 2014

I just did my first half-day tutorial on my favorite topic, It’s All About Me!™. You’d think after talking and writing about it for years, I might have done something sooner.


In reflecting on it, I conclude that I’ve been afraid that I’d put it out there and someone would call bullshit on me.

Happily, that didn’t happen. The feedback was excellent. My favorite was “Great session! Included original material rather than just rehashing existing stuff.”

I’ll be doing more sessions, and maybe sometime soon I’ll finish the book I’ve been working on.

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  1. Dr. Bubba says:


    It was a good tutorial about stuff that matters. Relational and communication stuff really is important not only to do a good job at work but enjoying that time…it is part of the journey.

    Thanks for doing the tutorial.

    Terry (Dr. Bubba) Adams

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