A Memorial to my Mother from my Sister-in-Law Kerry

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Feb 09 2013

DRGLC-422 I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to know and love Diana as a daughter-in-law, mother to her grandchildren, friend and colleague.

Through my work, I was fortunate to be able to visit New York quite often and have wonderful times with Diana talking, laughing, shopping, museum hopping and eating. There wasn’t a topic we missed that was important to us both and ranged from gender equity to spirituality to raising children. She gave me insight, wisdom, a time to reflect and companionship.

In recent times when we were both fighting cancer together she gave me courage and demonstrated how to have strength and dignity in the face of a pretty adverse foe. Her kindness and caring to me during this time eptomised the woman we know and love.


I will never forget her enormous energy as we traversed the wilds of New York City. I couldn’t keep up with her as she strode out with legs, littler than mine, with enthusiasm and glee.

Her childlike wonder at the world was amazing and admirable, everything worth pondering and enjoying as though seeing for the very first time. I have always admired her stylishness and her amazing eye and appreciation for beauty and culture, wandering around the MOMA and the MET, such special occasions. Our girls have inherited her love of art culture and performance and shopping!.

Diana not renown for having pets, on one of her visits to AUS, developed a special relationship with our dog, Wylby, and with great care and some anxiety took him on a beach walk and innocently wandered into a restricted area for dogs – this part we didn’t explain! She read the sign at the beach which said ‘No dogs on the leash’ as ‘dogs can roam free off the leash’. She then came across the ranger who about to fine her or at the very least chastise her for the breach of the rules, she explained her version of the signs, I wished I had been there to see his face. They rescued the dog who was now happily off the leash and she and the ranger came home for a cuppa – I think he was ensuring they both got home safely!

She had an amazing capacity to form relationships and was always happy to hear people’s stories.

She was generous to a fault, if I ever mentioned a product I liked but unattainable in Australia, I would then receive large care packages. ‘Graham’ crackers and wheat thins coming to the point where even I couldn’t consume them all, she wasn’t one for moderation.

She was so proud of her family, of which I was a member, she rejoiced in my achievements, I always felt special and loved.

DRGLC-353A wee story…
I am so grateful my daughters, in so many ways, reflect their grandmother and of course I am grateful to be married to her son who has the best of her in him.

And in joining two cultures, Australia and New York, she was a bonza gal.

Forever missed, forever part of our lives.

Kerry Ferguson

4 February 2013

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