The Beauty of the Seattle Waterfront

Posted by Doc
Aug 04 2011

While I don’t often post about my photography here, last week was noteworthy and deserving of a tiny bit of space here.

Seattle is renowned for being one of the grayest, drizzliest, dampest places in the country. And it’s probably deserved.

It’s also renowned for being one of the most beautiful, amazing places in the country.  Definitely deserved.

I spend some time along the Seattle Waterfront (Pier 70, Waterfront Seafood Grill, Olympic Sculpture Park) while having dinner and walking and talking with my friend Rebecca Parsons (CTO of ThoughtWorks). Having Rebecca as a friend is one of the best things that happened to me at ThoughtWorks.

The weather was perfect, as we strolled along the pathway along the waterfront. Temperature was in the low- to mid-seventies, the sky was beautiful, the sun was lowering, and the water was filled with sailboats. I’d argue that you don’t need to be an exceptional photographer to get great shots in a situation like that.

I put a number of pictures on Flickr from that place and time. I’m proud of them and wanted to share.

Here’s an example. Go to Flickr to see more.

Seattle Sunset (sigh)

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