Clever recruiting stratagem

Posted by Doc
Apr 16 2011

I was chatting with my new acquaintance, Thomas Witt, at the ACCU2011 conference. As we were talking about my lightning keynote on Mastery Quest, we got off on a variety of topics around how to identify people who really know what they’re doing and how to weed out the fakes and system gamers.

He said a colleague of his started including something special in their job postings:

Include this word (<word>) in your cover note.

Of course, those who read the posting carefully see that and include the <word> in their cover note.  Many do not, according to Thomas.

He says that as they’ve tracked the correlation between those who do and do not include the <word>, and those who do well in interviewing and on the job, the correlation is high. Those who notice the requirement to include the <word> are more successful.


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