Pushing, Pulling, and Lean-ing

Posted by Doc
Aug 16 2010

My colleague and friend David Joyce did a short version of his presentation on Kanban for a group of us at our client site the other day. I must say that I feel, for the first time, that Kanban makes sense. David did a brilliant job of making it simple and clear, and the attraction of it is powerful.

You can view the full thing here on his blog.

Now I have an internal struggle. I’m busily training on Agile stuff based on XP and Scrum. I believe that it works and provides real value. I have worked on XP/Scrum teams, but not on a team doing Kanban. I’m feeling pulled toward Kanban, after listening to David.

It feels as though Kanban is my natural way of working: give me work, don’t give it to me all at once, let me work on one thing until I’m done, and occasionally interrupt me with higher priorities if you must. What’s my status? “I’m working on X.”

2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I think it’s important to be methodology-agnostic when talking about “Agile”, so yes, I think by all means talk about Kanban. Kanban isn’t mutually exclusive to XP or Scrum. Karl Scotland and Joshua Kerievsky did quite a bit of seeing XP through a Kanban lens.

  2. Zsolt says:

    I experienced that Kanban is very good methodology for teams, who are new at agile or are in any kind of transition. Now I think it is a bit more customer oriented than scrum due to its fast feedback cycle and flexibility.

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