Compiling Tales of Open Space

Posted by Doc
May 16 2010

Here’s an email I just sent to a few people…

I’ve decided to collect and compile stories about Open Space events.

What I’m looking for is experience:

  • skepticism
  • excitement
  • frustration
  • revelation
  • exhaustion
  • experience
  • community
  • learning
  • disappointment

Whatever people have experienced, I’d like to have it. My goal is to compile them and publish them.

I’m asking for a few things:

  • If you, personally, have a story you’re willing to share, please share it with me.
  • If you were an organizer of an event, or a participant at an event, please share this email with the list of participants.
  • Have people respond directly to me with the following information:
    • Name
    • Contact info (email, phone, mailing)
    • Employer/organization
    • Whether they are willing to have their name used, or would prefer that it be anonymized
    • Whether they are willing to have their employer/organization used, or not
    • What the event was, and when and where

I know this is a lot to ask. My goal is to contribute to or create a work that helps others understand the WHY of Open Space through the experiences of others.

I’m not asking anyone to write a dissertation. A paragraph or two will suffice. I may do some editing, in which case I will send the edited material back to the submitter for approval.

At some point, I’ll put these up on a blog or wiki, but initially I’m just going to collect them.

People can send their stories to doc at thoughtworks dot com

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