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Posted by Doc
Feb 09 2010

I’m at the end of day one of training, doing a custom two-day workshop for a client. The requests were long, so we negotiated it down to what we thought would reasonably fit within two days.

At 11am, I was on slide 4 in the PowerPoint deck. The reason it was moving so slowly is that these people are STARVING for information and guidance. They know they’re doing “quagile” (quasi-agile), they want to move closer to “real” Agile, and they are interested and eager and articulate.

It fascinated me all day, as they took what I was presenting and ran with it. Some heated discussions, some passionate, some involving the whole group of 15, some a subset. It went on all day.

It’s frustrating to me that they’re so eager, and facing such challenges in achieving Agile adoption. And yet it’s the same pattern…

The development team wants it, the QAs want it, the BAs and PMs want it – the “business” and the “customer” want the same old thing.


2 Responses

  1. No C-level management buy-in it seems. Sounds like an awful situation to be in 🙁

  2. subbu says:

    That was a very good session Doc. I specifically enjoyed the fact that you let us decide whats best for us and didn’t impose the ‘if you don’t do this you will perish’ type of dogma.

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