New graphics for facilitation patterns

Posted by Doc
Aug 02 2009

I’m delighted to share with you that I’ve added some very cool graphics to this blog.

I’m working with a couple of artists to help me develop some training materials for ThoughtWorks Studios. I’ve had one of them develop avatars for a number of the facilitation patterns and antipatterns that I’ve identified.

doc_big_avatarAnd for me.

The avatars will find their way into a workshop that I’m developing for delivery at the Agile2009 conference.

All of the artwork will find its way into the training materials, one way or another.

For the workshop, I’m develop playing cards.  My avatars and all of these characters were developed by Mike Ferrin. Here’s a sample:

Common Back

Take a look at some of the facilitation patterns and antipatterns in this blog, and you’ll meet more of the characters:

And here’s an example of one of the pieces that is part of one of our courses:

DOC sample

This piece was done by Brian Goff.

Note that all of this artwork is the property of my employer, ThoughtWorks, and all rights to use are reserved.

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