Here’s your gun, there’s your foot

Posted by Doc
Jun 10 2009

Being timely is a significant aspect to Agile.

Too many people make the mistake of thinking Agile means unstructured, loose.

Flexible does not mean “I don’t need to show up on time.”

Flexible does not mean “I don’t need to meet my commitments.”

Agile does not mean “I can do what I want when I want, as long as I’m communicating.”

What brings this up for me today is the experience of attending a showcase, and having the lead developer, who was to present the showcase, show up 15 minutes late.

We have a room full of customers and project members, and we’re all sitting around with our thumbs up our butts waiting.

This is not Agile. This is failure. This is BAD PR for the project and for Agile.

It reminds me of the last speeding ticket I got (1996, in case you’re wondering).  I went to traffic school to clear the ticket.  The fellow teaching the class was a California Highway Patrolman. He said “Many times, when I stop someone for speeding, they tell me that they were rushing because they were late. I tell them ‘start leaving five minutes earlier.'”

Showing up late shows disrespect for everyone, and wastes a lot of time. Wasting time also wastes money (everyone is getting paid to sit there).

Leave five minutes earlier. Plan to arrive early, not just barely on time.

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  3. Mike Dixon says:

    Reference: “Think Before You Speak” article in the June MSDN issue.

    First time I’ve read one of your articles and I’m impressed. If we could all follow this advice we would be much closer to obeying the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ. Wherein we are all supposed to “…love your neighbor as yourself…” and have charity toward others.

    • Doc says:

      Thanks, Mike. Independent of one’s religious/spiritual beliefs, there’s a lot of good principles in the Bible and the words that are attributed to Jesus and Buddha and others. We’re not inventing this stuff, just recognizing the value and sometimes putting it in more modern terms and contexts.

  4. Chris Matts says:

    Being late means you left your last task after the last responsible moment.

    Apart from being rude, it means there are still Agile developers out there who do not understand Real Options. How did that happen? 😉

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