Agile Assessments – Proven Best Practices

Posted by Doc
Apr 23 2009

Agile Assessments – Proven Best Practices | ThoughtWorks.

ThoughtWorks has just released the beta of an Agile self-evaluation, with the goal of helping organizations and teams determine how well they’re doing with their Agile adoption.

Yes, I work for ThoughtWorks, and am happy about it.

Yes, ThoughtWorks would be happy to help anyone who desires it to achieve greater effectiveness in their Agile adoption (one of the things I love to do).

That said, I went through this assessment, filling in answers based on one of the clients I’ve worked with.  I found it to be right on the mark, based on my experience of the client’s organization.

The report is free, and has some real value in and of itself.

Since it’s in beta, the developers of the assessment would love to have your feedback. There are no strings, hooks, or tricks.

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