The Unconference: Where Geeks JIT Together

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Apr 21 2009

The Unconference: Where Geeks JIT Together

Steven M List

More collaboration and less imposed structure. That’s where technology is leading us. Whether it’s Wikipedia’s collaborative bottom-up organization or the Unconference’s on-the-fly topic and presentation planning, the trend is clearly about less prescription and more participation.

Just a few years ago, there were no Unconferences, Open Spaces, BarCamp, FOO Camp, or DemoCamp. So why does it seem like today there’s another Unconference or Open Space every other week? What’s so compelling about geeky, nerdy, tech folks getting together just to talk about whatever’s on their minds?

via The Unconference: Where Geeks JIT Together.

I just had to share – coming out in the May issue of MSDN magazine.

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  1. Diana Larsen says:

    Maybe there’s an adoption curve lesson in this. I think Open Space Technology was first tried/named in 1988. (after centuries of indigenous people using something similar). Maybe in 2018 projects delivering clean, high value software by using Agile-ish workflows will be common as pebbles too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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