Patrick Kua: A time and place for everything

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Feb 24 2009

…as a facilitator, you need to be constantly aware of what the situation at hand is. I explained that if I’m facilitating a meeting for someone else, particularly retrospectives, I’ll normally prepare by interviewing a few people first (informally, sometimes formally if need be). I like to know who’s going to be in the room, and what problems might surface, or what situation I might be stepping in to. I learned this tip from Kerths’ original book. I like to prepare the room before everyone enters, set up posters, whiteboards, flip charts, etc. It’s courteous to the participants, and I’m always hopeful they appreciate the effort that I made an effort, with the end result being better quality discussions. I’ll observe people as they enter, and watch the body language of people through the activities.

via » A time and place for everything.

Patrick Kua is a fellow ThoughtWorker (our name for employees of ThoughtWorks). He has been facilitating and writing about facilitation for some time. I’ve used his materials as reference, learning from them as I go.

In this posting in Patrick’s blog, he reflects on the essentials of facilitation, as well as a specific incident.  It’s well worth reading.

I liked the quote above, because it deals with the preparation that a good facilitator puts in to ensure a successful meeting (in this case, a retrospective).

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