Why bother?

Posted by Doc
Feb 18 2009

“Okay, Doc,” you say, “I’ve tried all this taking ownership stuff, and being aware and such, and it’s not working.”

What do you mean it’s not working?

“Well, no matter what I do, the other person just isn’t changing their behavior!  So why bother?”

This is one of the great fallacies that I encounter all the time.

Did I ever tell you that doing everything well will somehow lead to the other person changing?

I don’t think so.

Doing it well – not right, but well – is about you. After all, it’s all about you.

Some people will respond by changing their behavior towards you (and maybe towards others, as well).  And others won’t.

Doing it well, taking ownership, changing your behavior and your reactions, is all about you.

Don’t worry about them.

Are you worth it?

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