Done presenting, but not done with TechReady8

Posted by Doc
Feb 04 2009

I’ve been in Seattle at the Microsoft TechReady8 event. It’s an internal training event for Microsoft employess – about 4,000 of them!

So what am I doing here? I was selected as one of less than a dozen external speakers, out of a total of something like 900 total presenters. The Architect track was pretty much the only one to include soft skills stuff, hence my presentations on Facilitation Patterns and Antipatterns.

On Monday, I moderated a panel discussion on networking within Microsoft.

On Monday evening, I delivered a custom workshop on networking (purely coincidence).

Tuesday I delivered the first ever presentation of my Facilitation Patterns & Antipatterns (good scores, I’m happy to say).

I did it again today, and am looking forward to seeing my scores.

Tonight and Friday, I have meetings with some folks at Microsoft to talk about how ThoughtWorks and Microsoft can continue to have a healthy and productive relationship.  And tomorrow night I’m having dinner with our CTO, Rebecca Parsons.

It’s a good week, and only half over.

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